5 Benefits and Beauty Secrets of Green Tea

Over the years, green tea has earned a reputation as being one of the natural herbs packed with antioxidants. These antioxidants offer many health benefits such as producing cancer-fighting flavonoids, bacteria production disruption and fighting free radicals. Although these antioxidants are very useful on our internal systems, green tea has also proven to have numerous benefits on hair.

It soothes psoriasis, scalp irritations and dandruff naturally making it one of the best inexpensive natural products for stronger and longer hair. For those looking for affordable options other than spending money on hair products that contain green tea extract, green tea gives the flexibility of being able to easily make your own hair care product right from your kitchen. So, what are some of the green tea benefits for hair?

Natural Antioxidants

The polyphenols are a form of antioxidants and green tea is said to have a high concentration according to a research done by the University of Maryland. How do antioxidants benefit the hair? Antioxidants are responsible for the protection of body cells from being damaged by the free radicals slowing the aging process in return. They are, therefore, able to keep your hair at optimal growth rate and healthier.

Strengthened Hair

Panthenol is a form of antioxidants that is found largely in green tea. It is often a key ingredient in the manufacturing of hair conditioners and shampoos as it manages split ends and strengthens the hair. Panthenol and other antioxidants found in green tea help in making the hair healthier and stronger. For hair tipis check out this post : From Classy to Cute: 25+ Easy Hairstyles for Long Hair

Hair Follicles Stimulation

According to the studies done by the experts, green tea contains a type of antioxidant called epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG). The EGCG has gone under a long time research and has shown to effectively prevent hair loss. The element makes it possible by stimulating the human dermal papilla and promoting the hair follicles boosting hair production.

Taking green tea has also shown to increase your body metabolism which in return improve the growth rate of your hair. It should be noted however that for genetic hormonal hair loss conditions such as androgenic alopecia, green tea may not be useful in its treatment even with its ability to stimulate hair follicles.

Hair Re-Growth Potential

According to a study done on the effectiveness of green for spontaneous hair loss at the Charles R. Drew University of Medicine, green tea showed the potential to re-grow hair. This, however, may also be attributed by its potential to stimulate hair follicles. Although many hair conditioners and shampoos may be claim to have added “green tea extract” as an ingredient that helps prevent hair loss (alopecia), no clinical studies have confirmed its effectiveness in reducing pattern hair loss.

Dandruff Treatment

According to a report published by a Medical College of Georgia, green tea has the potential to treat excess scalp flaking and dandruff. This natural herb works on the scalp by exfoliating the dry flakes which are caused by dandruff and could therefore be effective at treating dandruff although more research still need to be done on its effectiveness.